Ionamin – Losing Weight Will Never Be Easier

Being overweight or obese, causes a lot of health problems. High cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides just to name a few. Therefore, pharmaceutical as well as the herbal health care industry has come up with a lot of pills to help reduce weight. This includes both prescription as well as over the counter pills. However, there are only a few that seem to work. And Ionamin is one of the most popular prescription based weight loss medications along with Phentermine pills.


Ionamin – Two Birds With One Stone

What makes ionamin a popular choice? The answer is simple. Not only does it help reduce weight but it also helps boost energy levels. This is important, because in most cases when people are going through a weight loss program they end up feeling tired. With ionamin this won’t happen. Staying motivated is perhaps the most important aspect of any weight loss program.

However, it is important to understand that ionamin alone will not work its magic. In other words, a dieter cannot just take a pill and wait around to lose weight. It is meant to be taken along with other activities of weight loss, such as dieting and exercising. That is why it has the anti-fatigue and energy boost properties built into it. So, what does a person need to know before taking ionamin? The following are some things to keep in mind and clear up with the doctor before taking it. As mentioned before, ionamin is given strictly through a doctor’s prescription only.

Addictiveness of Ionamin

Ionamin, is closely related to amphetamines. This is what makes the drug addictive. This is also why it is important not to take large doses of it. Amphetamines have a long history of being abused. The side effects of amphetamines include social dysfunction and psychological addiction. Other side effects include, moderate hypertension, hypersensitivity, and heart-related issues.

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To keep in mind

What kind of people should not take it? That is a question only a doctor can answer. But there some general guidelines. Such as:

  • If taking any other prescription or non-prescription medication
  • If taking any herbal supplements
  • Planning a pregnancy, already pregnant or breastfeeding
  • High cholesterol or high blood pressure issues
  • Allergy issues with certain medicines or food items
  • History of drug abuse or addictions
  • If below age 16

All prescription medications come with some sort of restrictions. Ionamin is no different. When taking this medication, patients should not consume alcohol. Always stay with the dosage the doctor gave. If they feel different compared to before taking the medication, the doctor should be notified as soon as possible. This is especially true with diabetic patients. In this case, blood sugar levels may have to be closely monitored. If planning on visiting the dentist or doing any other kind of medical procedure, it must be brought to their attention that you are taking ionamin. As the body gets used to the drug after a few weeks, it may reduce in effectiveness. In medical terms, this is known as tolerance. When tolerance happens, the doctor should be notified. Never increase the dosage on your own.

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The Good News

Compared to many other dieting pills available on the market today, what makes ionamin special is that it has been around for a long time. 1959 to be exact. The good news is that the drug has been picked apart and studied for all its existence. For the consumer, this means ionamin and all its effects and side effects are well documented. It is usually only prescribed in cases involving obesity. In other words, this not a designer pill meant for people working on their bikini body in time for summer. It is for people who are seriously overweight, have fairly serious side effects from being overweight, and need to lose weight as fast as possible.